Fun & Exciting Street Food Catering

Cooked in front of your eyes, high quality street food from our roster of caterers is not just fun and exciting but utterly delicious. We help you bring amazing food trucks and food stalls that serve an endless variety of dishes, from peking duck bao to handmade ice cream sandwiches, to your event.

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Limitless Options

Our extensive roster of live caterers offer a vast selection of cuisines and are sure to have that perfect menu to bring joy to your inner foodie. Delight your taste buds with soft and flavourful wood fired Neapolitan pizzas, amazing hawker cuisine from Southeast Asia, satisfying Venezuelan arepas and cachapas, crunchy hard-shell tex-mex tacos, plus more!

High Quality

We are passionate about food and have selected only experienced caterers who are concentrated on providing great service along with their amazing food. Our caterers take great care in preparing their delicious dishes and often source ingredients from local grocers and butchers. Plus, with everything cooked and prepared live, you'll notice the freshness in the flavourful food.

Flexible Setup

Wherever your event is taking place, indoors or outdoors, our mobile caterers can easily set up and serve their amazing dishes from a stylish food truck or food stall. Having a themed party? Have a tiki bar serving fresh fruit smoothies for your tropical soiree or Spanish paella cooked and tossed live for your latin fiesta. Street food catering not only fits seamlessly with any event, it makes for an unforgettable meal!

FoodAffair Can Help

We work with 40+ of the best live caterers offering all varieties of delicious cuisines, from southern BBQ to Asian street food. These caterers have been delighting taste buds with unique food all across Toronto and the GTA and relish the opportunity to make a wedding meal extra special. They can help you design custom menus that will cater to the needs of your guests and create an unforgettable food experience.

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