Canto Sando

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Accomodates: Nut-freeVegetarian
Serving: MarkhamTorontoVaughan


Canto Sando brings together Canadian comfort food with Asian ingredients. Founder Leo, takes inspiration from his Chinese-Canadian upbringing and has meshed the two cultures to create Cantonese inspired sandwiches.

They’re a regular at the Evergreen Brick Works’ Sunday market where they’ve been serving up delicious fare like their Pulled Pork sandwich and sweet Nutella Bun.

For events, their $25/Person is a recommendation that covers two large sandwiches plus a dessert bun—enough to fill any appetite!

Serving from a booth set-up, they’ve got the perfect finger food to liven any event!

Beef Brisket

with pickled daikon and cumin mayo
Lotus Root

with spring onions and sweet soy
Nutella Bun

with condensed milk and butter
Pulled Pork

with wasabi, coleslaw, and sichuan guac


Earliest Start Time: 10 AM · Latest End Time: 6 PM · Set-up Time: 1 Hour

Price: $10/Person
Minimum Order: $500

Price covers one large sandwich per person

Dietary Accommodations


Essential Requirements

Electricity AccessStall Size: Minimum 10x10 ft Water Access